6 Must-Have Features for Social Media App Development

Being a business leader, you might be asking this question yourself. “What are the must-have features in a social media app?” To make an app successful in the market, you need to work on some latest features and technologies.

However, all these factors only depend on the market trends and the app you are developing should be according to your user’s preference.

In this post, we have described the must-have features in a social media app. 

So, here we go…

Top 6 Essential Features You Must Have In A Social Media App in 2022

6 Must-Have Features for Social Media App Development

i) User-Friendly Interface

The first and essential thing that you must focus on in the app is, designing a friendly interface. Users will only use your app if they find an easy and clean interface. 

The template, images, icons, and buttons should be placed perfectly in the app. You must also focus on the loading time of the app, as the user won’t wait for long. 

When you have decided to develop a social media app for your business, you must integrate a clean interface. Connect with the social media app development company and discuss further. 

ii) Secure Login

When users use social media platforms and share a wide range of information, they can share both privately and publically. To perform certain activities, their information should be safe and secure. Nowadays, most of the time, we hear about malware attacks or identity theft. Sometimes the account gets hacked. 

Thus, to keep the account and information safe, it is important to work on security. 

The interface should be secure when users log in and log out.

When users share any information, there should be a choice between public and private. There should be customizable profile settings. 

Implementing all these security features will give your app a new edge. 

iii) Content Sharing Platform

Without content-sharing features, a social media app is incomplete. A million users come to social media apps to share a certain piece of content with their connections. 

Content sharing features prove to be one of the must-have features in a social media app. It helps the user feel that they are more connected with each other through sharing content. 

So, implementing content-sharing features can give your app a new look among users. 

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iv) Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notification enables users and businesses to engage with them. Real-time updates, any new feeds update, or friend requests, all can be notified through real-time notification. 

Before you develop your app, discuss the important aspect of real-time notification with the development team. Assure the development team to include this feature in the app. 

v) Customizable Privacy

None of the users will use your app unless they feel that their data is safe. There are various social media platforms that provide privacy settings to the user. 

Customizable privacy helps the user to customize their social account according to their interest. It helps them to control who can see their post, profile view, friend list, etc. 

Getting these features in your app can give various advantages to the app you are developing. Users will feel safe and confident while using the app. 

vi) Versatile & Responsive

Among all the features, this one should be the most important one of all. Being a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to provide your user with a hassle-free experience. 

While they use your app, they should be comfortable using it. The app should automatically adapt to all screen sizes and run on all different platforms. 

You must work on various UI/UX elements and make the app user-friendly. 

The important thing is that users should not notice a single change whether they use it on mobile, tablet, or laptop. The app should run with the same interface on all devices. Thus, making the app versatile and responsive. 

Apart from these, you can also have a look at some other features which can make the app unique and give it a new edge in the market. 

i) Messaging System

Most social media platforms are used to chat with your connections. If you miss this feature in the app, it can cause a huge loss in your business. 

To make the app more interactive among users, you must add messaging features in the app. 

ii) Open-Forum

The open forum is one of the easiest ways through which users can find similar interests with others and discuss the topic. 

If you are planning to develop a social media app, ask the app development company to include it. 

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iii) Visually Appealing Design

There are many apps in the market that get uninstalled after a few usages. You might be thinking, why? The reason behind this is making the app design inappropriate. 

When you are planning to develop a social media app or any other app, you must focus on a design that looks appealing to the users. 

Developing an app with an impressive and appealing design tends to gain more traffic and user engagement. 


Well, if you are planning to develop a social media app, the features mentioned above will help you to make the app perfect. Avail of the social network app development services and get your app ready in no time. 

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