Top Debug chrome extension for any Website

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Chrome is the best browser and it beats out most of the other browsers on the market by a mile. And even those who once joined their wagons to Internet Explorer has since shifted to Google Chrome because it is quick, easy to use, and chock full of features and add-ons like extensions and themes.

Top Debug chrome extension for any Website

1. Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is a collection of tools integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser. DevTools can help you edit on-the-fly pages and easily fix problems, which ultimately helps you to build better websites, faster. You can check out the videos for core DevTools workflow demos including CSS debugging, CSS prototyping, JavaScript debugging, and load performance analysis. Google Chrome is probably one of the web browsers most famous with developers today. The Google Chrome Developer Tools, also known as Chrome DevTools, are tools built right into the browser for web authoring and debugging. They offer developers deeper access to their web apps and the application. From checking the viewport on a mobile device to editing a website on the fly and even evaluating the output of a whole website or individual properties, you can do anything. DevTools is the best Debug chrome extension

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2. Augury

Top Debug chrome extension for any Website

Augury is an Angular application testing tool that runs in the Web browser. It runs for the Developer Tools (DevTools) panel as a Chrome browser extension, helping in application review and debugging. Augury offers insight into the application framework and the relationship between these building blocks for an Angular application: Components, Services, Routes, Modules, Dependencies, Injectors, Data bindings, Events, and Object properties. Augury compliments DevTools during a debugging session, making it simple to alter the state and emit events.

3. Redux DevTools Extension

Redux DevTools has used to debug changes to the state of the program. If you use Redux to control your application status, there’s a Chrome extension named Redux DevTools that allows us to see all the actions performed the application status after each operation, and the state difference. It also helps us to rewind the acts and display the corresponding changes on the tab. Redux DevTools requires a bit of setup to be used in Dev environments, but it has worth the effort once installed. Check out this blog to learn how to use it in Development. It has recommended using the full-featured version for development, and the limited version for production.

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4. Angular State Inspector

Top Debug chrome extension for any Website

It helps you to monitor Angular component status within DevTools’ Elements tab. It is a chrome extension that allows you to inspect component status. The extension works with Upgrade Module, also in the hybrid framework. So, it can display AngularJs state from angular 2 + and scope. Angular state inspector is the best Debug chrome extension.

5. AngularJS Inspect Watchers

Inspect Angular app class watchers. An extension of Chrome that allows the user to inspect the number of angular watchers on any feature of an Angular app. Navigate to your Angular app once installed, and press the Page Action in the address bar to enable the extension. Then, hover your mouse over various parts of your Angular code to see the red-highlighted scopes and watchers. To deactivate press the Action tab again.

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6. Angular Watchers

As shared by a coursework writing service, Angular watchers are the ultimate AngularJS extension that informs you how many active watchers you have at this time. It updates automatically so that you can see how many watchers a page has live. That’s great for fixing any performance issues. It has wide features like a total number on the current page of watchers, the difference from the last number of watchers counted, a visual graph representing the number of observers in time (max 25 plots), choose Iframe from where you want watchers to register, expose Angular Modules in a window with a global variable, toggle Graph / Counter View, dark/light toggle style and item entry bootstrapped – in case the app is bootstrapped manually.

7. Angular Batscanner

Angular BatScanner, yet another Angular 2 devtool, is based on performance analysis. Like debugging the bottleneck output is difficult. I built a tool to simulate what happens when the application runs on Angular. It is similar to the Timeline Tool but with the vocabulary of the Angular Model. By hooking into the life cycle structure of components we can easily explore a record to answer: – when, where, and why a change occurred, how much it changed, how long it took a component to respond to it.

8. Angular JS Inspector:

Angular JS Inspector extends the Development Software, introducing debugging tools and profiling functionality to AngularJS. It has focused on the Batarang angular javascript. It extends the User Tools, incorporating debugging software and profiling functionality to AngularJS. This extension is based on AngularJS Batarang, which unhappily was not covered in around two years. That’s why it has tried to provide AngularJS programmers with a tool to fix current problems and work to make it perfect!

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