Best camera app for android

Have you ever wondered what your smartphone camera will be smart to the extent that you can take photographs like a professional? Here we are going to tell you about some best camera app for android that can give you better photo experiences.

As the demand for better camera phones in the world has increased, in the same way, people want to have good photography or say that the desire to save lives better has also increased.

The best part for the Android phone enthusiasts is that there are many camera apps on Google Play, which can give you better photo experiences. The special thing is that these apps are free. There are many options to improve from editing to photo quality, which can be easily used.

The Best camera app for android

1. Google Camera

If you do not have Google’s Nexus smartphone, then you can install Google Camera. Although this is the same as the pre-installed camera app on your Android phone. But there are also many basic and advanced features. You can do 360-degree photography with its help. There is also a feature like Lens Blur mode, which lets you focus and refocus objects like a DSLR camera. Apart from this, the photosphere and the panoramic mode has been improved. It supports your Android wearer. That is, you can operate the camera even through a remote.

2. VSCO Cam

Before coming to the Android platform, VSCO Cam was popular with Apple’s iOS users. If you are interested in editing and special effects with better photography, this app is a one-stop-shop for you. There are two characteristics in an app. This app gives you the option to do basic control as well as pre-set effects and more on this site manually. That is, you can make better use of it based on your creativity. Sharing through social media and other platforms is also easy.

3. Camera 360 Ultimate

This camera app is special in that there are several shot modes in it. Through this, you can do better photography with quick and short editing. Equipped with features such as special effects and tilt-shift cameras, this app also has a selfie mode for selfie crabs.

Camera 360 Ultimate tutorial.

4. Manual Camera

This camera app is beneficial for those smartphone users, who also keep basic information about the camera with basic information about photography. The camera setting can be set manually through this app. This app gives the photographer direct control over all the features including shutter speed, focus, etc.

5. Camera MX

This camera has a lot of special effects in the Editing app too. In addition to basic features like tap to focus, zoom, timer, it has an FX menu, which has several filters, frames, and photo effects. There are also many features to balance white balance, contrast, and color.

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