How a Blog Can Grow Your Business

How a Blog Can Grow Your Business

If you have a new business then you’re going to be thinking of how to grow it into something special. There are many things that can help you with that with one of them being a blog. It’s not just some words on a website, it can be a whole lot more.

Here we take a look at how a blog can grow your business and why you need to start one up today.

Become an authoritative source

Writing a blog allows you to become an authoritative voice in whatever field you are in. You can talk about the secret parts of your industry, break down any complicated topics or simply answer frequently asked questions your customers have.

Doing this will allow you to gain respect. People will start to turn to your blog to get answers to their key questions. Having this authority will draw potential customers to your blog and you can turn this interest into sales. 

While this may sound simple, you need the content to be of the highest quality. If you’re not a great writer then you may need someone to help you curate it and you can find freelancers through websites such as

Everything you claim in your authoritative pieces needs to be backed by research as any lack of information will harm your credibility.

Know your SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you’re not sure what it is then Google has a handy guide for you. It’s all about making sure that your blog can appear as high as possible on the search engine rankings.

Being on the first page of Google, for example, is going to dramatically increase the number of views your blog is going to get. Once you start getting this web traffic, they will look at other areas of your website such as your sales pages or services. 

Having a successful blog can have a big knock-on effect on the rest of your business. As we mentioned earlier, if they are impressed by the content which they have found via a search engine, they are likely to use your business.

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Have a professional website

While it’s great to have high-quality content, if it’s on a website that looks terrible then people will click straight off without ever even reading it. You need to make sure that your website looks good and your business looks professional.

Making a website is fairly easy, especially with WordPress as you don’t need any specialist skills. Many templates are provided and you’ll find endless YouTube videos and articles to answer any query you have.

You’ll also want to have a strong brand so that anyone clicking on your website remembers it. That includes having a logo, which you can make easily here. Having that strong look will reinforce your content and allow it to grow even quicker. 

Including a CTA

CTA stands for ‘call to action’ and it’s asking your readers to do something once they reach the end of the article. This can direct them where you ultimately wanted them to go. 

It’s your opportunity to link what you’ve written about with what you sell. An example would be “Do you need help with your security system? Then call us today on . . . for a free quote”.

The aim of your blog isn’t actually for people to read the blog, it’s to take action because they’ve read it. Without a CTA, you risk losing their interest.

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Final thoughts

It’s clear how a blog can grow your business. It will help you to become a more trusted company and it will direct plenty of traffic to your website. The result of these two factors will lead to more sales and higher profits.

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