How do I start a guest blog in 2020

Starting a guest blog on the website could be the best idea. Especially, for search engine purposes. However, this is not a simple method where you do some artificial stuff to make it popular for users and search engine crawlers.  Sometimes it is not a necessary step to follow but some in cases this could provide better results. This technic is extremely useful for those types of websites that have high competition on the search engine. More than 500 or 5000 are working on the same niche then here in such kinds of niches you have to use every possible technique. And the guest post is a method where you have a high possibility to rank in a high competition niche.

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How to Start Guest Blogging or Guest post When You Are Completely Unknown

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Where to start: 

For starting your guest blog you can make a separate page for it. But once you start a guest blog then you need to keep multiple things in mind. Such as your guest post policy, set an amount for a paid guest post, etc. Then you have to crawl that page on Google so that it could be listed on google recommendation. So first make a separate page for the guest post process further. 

How much should you charge for a guest post?  

Well, you can set affordable prices for every user. But changing the prices for different users is never going to work for a healthy business. It will help you to build a fruitful trust for the clients. Guest post services in SEO are such a type of service where people are making a decent income. So if you are trying to use this opportunity in your favor then fixing the price limit could be the best decision for your initiative. 

But if you have a fresh website and nobody knows you then the best process for you to accept free guest posts on site.

What do if you are a new website: 

If you have a new website in which you want to start a guest post then in this section we will mention some tips for you. These tips will help you to grab some attention on the internet. 

  1. Try to find all possible results those are allowing the guest to post content on their website. Here you need to find out only relevant niche’s website. Post relevant guest post isn’t going help you anymore. 
  2. Make content that attracts a guest blogger. Because attractive, as well as detailed/informative content, will definitely attract any blogger.
  3. Use the best possible sales pitch in an email, that you will send to a guest blogger who accepts the guest blogging. 
  4. Pay for the guest post if possible. If you are comfortable paying some money for your guest post or hire a digital marketing agency then that would be great for both the side.
  5. Make a list of some expert bloggers in your niche, send a request to them for allowing your content on their website. 

How many guests posts are enough in starting:

In the starting round, you should ask for every expert to post your guest post content. But in terms of numerical, you should place at least 50 to 70 guest posts. This number of guest posts will for sure help your website to grow popular. Make sure your every guest post content deliver to some relevant and trustful site. If you get succeed to build a healthy relationship with other bloggers with good content, then you will get a high chance of making profitable income through guest posting.

So at the end of this section, we want to inform you that many people are taking good advantage of selling guest post services on their sites. You can do this in your favor too. 

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