The Benefits of Using Identity and Access Management Tools for Your Business

Businesses that benefits of using Identity and Access Management tool can stop data breaches and reduce the chance of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This includes both insider threats and identity fraud. Using IAM tools also makes IT teams more efficient and helps them reduce help-desk calls. IAM tools allow employees to log into different systems with a single digital identity, speeding up the process and increasing productivity.

Improved Security

Your business faces a myriad of security threats every day. It’s important to keep these threats at bay as you grow and evolve, especially with the growing popularity of remote work. Using IAM tools will keep employees from accessing sensitive information and files, which helps avoid data breaches. You can use identity and access management tools to set up user access based on roles and departments rather than allowing all users the same permissions. This way, it’s easier to identify a problem before it becomes a major breach. IAM software also makes it easy to track user activity to monitor for unusual activity and detect any unauthorized behavior easily.

Adding a layer of security to your business is easier than ever with IAM solutions, especially when delivered as IDaaS. These services can provide the structure your enterprise needs to organize and automate user access.

Without this structure, it’s too easy for hackers to pillage your digital assets. Employees generate simple passwords like 123456 or use the same password across multiple platforms, and personal devices connect to your enterprise network, creating a massive attack surface for cyberattacks. Using IAM software reduces these traditional points of failure and allows you to set up the right levels of access for each person so that they have what they need to get their work done quickly and effectively.

Enhanced Compliance

In a world of ever-evolving cyberattacks that cause trillions in financial losses every year, the ability to quickly verify that identity is who it says it is is essential. Identity and access management tools can help prevent data breaches by ensuring that only authorized users get the right level of access to systems, applications, and hardware.

An IAM system verifies a user’s credentials by comparing them against an up-to-date database of identity records. It also helps reduce security risks by granting only narrowly constructed permissions based on an individual’s identity rather than permitting broad-based access. In addition, IAM enables advanced anomaly detection to identify suspicious or unusual behavior that could indicate an attacker’s presence.

In addition, IAM automates low-risk functions like user onboarding and offboarding, eliminating the need for tech team members to grant or revoke access for each new employee manually. This helps the enterprise increase efficiency while reducing IT costs. The solution can also provide privileged access management (PAM) tools to limit the number of users with a higher access level. These users, such as administrators, must have full control over the organization’s most sensitive systems and servers for deployment, maintenance, or updates. This allows the enterprise to protect these vital systems from threats while allowing these users to perform their duties.

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Increased Productivity

Using identity management tools allows employees, contractors and partners to access the technology they need to complete their work easily. This means they can save time and effort by avoiding the need to search for tools or reset forgotten passwords. This also reduces the risk of data loss, as those granted permission can only access sensitive information.

Additionally, IAM solutions can automate low-risk functions that would otherwise require expert IT teams to perform manually, reducing staff downtime and saving costs associated with manual processes. For example, the tools may automatically grant or deny access to files, systems or applications based on roles and policies. They can also help prevent unauthorized data access by monitoring, reporting and alerting on user activity and detecting anomalies and outliers in the data.

Another productivity benefit of IAM solutions is that they can provide a single sign-on for various software suites, meaning users can use the tool as a portal to access other systems without needing to sign in to each one individually. This allows for a more efficient way of working and helps improve business productivity. It is also possible to deliver the solution as software as a service (IDaaS) so that there are no physical maintenance costs and it can be quickly deployed across multiple environments.

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Increased ROI

Identity and Access Management tools are a category of software tools that allow companies of all sizes to generally manage the identities of users and the security and privileges associated with those identities. By automating different authentication and access control processes, these tools can reduce costs, boost productivity and improve overall safety for businesses of all sizes.

IAM solutions validate the validity of a user’s credentials against an identity database, ensuring they are who they are and preventing unauthorized usage of sensitive data or tools. IAM also allows enterprises to allocate narrowly constructed permissions based on identities rather than allowing broad-based access through a username and password, resulting in more secure applications and systems.

By automating low-risk functions, IAM tools enable IT teams to spend more time on larger projects that require their expertise and attention. IAM solutions also help to streamline onboarding and offboarding for new hires, contractors, employees, robots and code segments, which reduces the time and cost of IT operations.

IAM solutions can also help organizations save money by eliminating waste, such as unused or misused accounts that can cost up to 7 hours per month to maintain in a medium-sized company. In addition, IAMs can track sanctioned SaaS applications on networks to identify potential security risks and prevent unauthorized use.

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