Why Only WordPress to Build a Website for My Business?

WordPress is the most popular software to build a website for almost two decades now. You can get an idea about its popularity from the fact that it powers almost 27% of the website on the internet. And to your surprise, it is open-source software that anyone can download and use for free.

Businesses and governments are using the platform for connecting themselves to the online world. Still, there are many doubts over its efficiency, price, and overall benefits compared to the alternatives. It is okay to have doubts since the leaders want only the best for their business.

Here, we have cleared your doubts by giving reasons to choose the only WordPress to build
a website for your business.

Why Only WordPress to Build a Website for My Business?

Why WordPress

1. Easy to Use

WordPress doesn’t require expertise in programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to build a website. Anyone with the basic knowledge of computers and the internet can build on their own. You can make changes by using the menu options based on your preference. Posting content is easy as sending an email to someone. Just click on the publish button. You can learn the ins and outs of operating your website within a week. This saves money to hire someone to manage your website.

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2. Cross-Platform Support

WordPress is available on every major device that includes Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. You don’t need to carry a single device to post content or manage your online store. You can manage the orders from your smartphone while traveling to work. This helps reduce the cost of buying expensive machines for home and office to manage the work. You can use the tablet if the battery of your laptop runs out. Your employees will also enjoy the flexibility to log in from any device they want.

3. An Enormous Collection Plugins

Plugins make website management super easy by helping with specific tasks. You can use plugins to share content on social media, add meta-content, or track the website’s performance. WordPress has an enormous collection of plugins you can download from the store. These plugins are reasonably priced since they help grow your website. You can even use them to complete the on-page SEO without hiring a special team for it. Taking out installment loans for bad credit can help you cover the cost of the website along with the important plugins.

4. No HTML Editing

Managing the websites gets intimidating if you don’t understand the code it uses to run. HTML is the language the computer uses to decode your request for website design and content. You don’t need to learn it if you are using WordPress to build your website. It also takes care of the FTP protocol to share files, information, and data. You don’t have to take a course on programming languages if your business is about something non-tech related. However, it is recommended to have basic knowledge of HTML in the technology-oriented business world.

5. SEO Benefits

Businesses spend a great deal of money and resources to rank high on search engines. You can hire a team of experts who know every bit of detail about the on-page SEO. Or buy a plugin to get the job done without external help. WordPress takes care of the meta description, tag, and other factors that affect the on- page SEO. The source code is clean and simple to further help with the search engine ranking. The crawlers find it easy to read and index pages on WordPress sites.

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6. Complete Control Over Website

You don’t have to rely on web developers to make changes to the website. Anyone with access and authority can make changes to the design website. Moreover, you can make changes quite easily with the menu options or programming code.

The online community can help you with the steps to make the desired change to your website. You can also search on YouTube to get better assistance. You can reverse the changes with a few clicks even if you make some serious mistakes.

7. Customisable Design

You can change the entire theme of your website within 5 minutes in WordPress. Similarly, there is endless customisation available for your website. All of them doesn’t require hours of programming in front of a computer screen. Again, take help from the community online if you have any doubt over the customisation. You can use them to create a unique website interface for visitors. These customisations will hardly cause a significant impact on the loading speed.

8. Start Blogging

WordPress was once only a blogging platform for the community to share their opinion and expertise. You can still use it for blogging and all the related functions such as RSS and newsletter. It is easy to integrate blogging into a website created on the WordPress platform. You need blogs to create an online presence and build a relationship with the customers. It is a great platform to share your subject-matter expertise with the world. However, use a specific niche based on the requirement of the targeted audience.

9. Site Can Grow Alongside Business

The growth of the business will mean more customers, webpages, transactions and traffic. This can have some serious impact on the performance of your website, not with WordPress. The websites on this platform are scalable and don’t get affected by the increase in traffic. However, you need to make some changes with the subscription-based on the size of your organisation. It will increase the available features and storage along with the support for 3rd party applications.

10. Multi-User Support

Your organization may require more than one employee to manage the website. You may have a team of writers for content marketing or employees to manage customer requests. WordPress allows website owners to create multiple sign-in accounts for a single website with different permissions.


To sum up, WordPress is indeed an amazing platform to build a website for your business. It has everything a business needs to manage its website at an affordable price. Nevertheless, you can look for alternatives if you don’t find WordPress to meet the expectations.


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