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Best Online Tools to convert Images to text : – Today we see some Online Tools that Extract Editable Text from Images by using OCR Technology

Top 3 Best Online Tools to convert Images to text in 2020

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an advanced software modus operandi that lets a PC to abstract text from pictures. In the first few years, OCR was rather coarse and erratic. However, developing technology has completely changed that approach, and OCR has emerged as a reliable and resourceful tool.

Optical Character recognition technology allows initiatives and institutions to upgrade the experience of its customers by formulating content with no structure to be searchable. Interpretation of text from pictures via c+ allows abstraction of value from material that is used to reach benefitting decisions.

Innovative technology that lets you identify text utilizing OCR can be functional in several fields to certify that customers are provided with the information they desire.

OCR is successfully being used by a large business for data entry purposes. It increases productivity along with saving time, effort, and energy that is consumed for the extraction of data by the employees.

The primary purpose of the development of the OCR tools is to provide the users with the benefit of scanning manuscripts from any natural sources like a picture, book, notes, or another thing and convert it into a digital file. The file can be easily downloaded and edited as per requirements. 

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The digital file produced by an OCR tool is also completely searchable. It is one of the most beneficial features that are being offered by this tool. IF you have a long list of contacts or something similar, you can easily use the tool to convert it into a digital copy and search anyone specifically from it.  

Speed and accuracy are other significant advantages provided by the tool. You can get results within minutes and with high efficiency.

The tools are being offered online by several sites. Some of the best that you can use are as follows:-

1. Prepostseo

One of the best tools available online to convert image to text is the PrePostSEO image OCR. The tool is available free of cost and does not require any registration or hidden charges of any sort. It is also straightforward to use, and any user with only fundamental computing expertise can easily use it.        

The Image OCR tool is highly versatile, and it allows users to upload an image in one of several formats like BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and JPEG.

The uploaded content also remains safe and secured; it is neither saves nor shared with a third party.  The site guarantees that its algorithm is designed to delete the uploaded content once the original owner has dealt with it.

Some of its most noticeable features include:-

Limitless uploads

The site does not enforce a restriction on uses. So you can convert as many images to text as you would like. The accuracy remains unchanged in every search that you make.

No mandatory registration

The tool is available for unlimited use. There is no requirement of registration of any sort to have access to it.

Mathematical equations Identification

This feature is particularly beneficial for students or teachers who want to scan their mathematics notes. The PrePostSEO OCR tool ascertains that their algorithm is developed in such a way as to scan and identify the most complicated mathematical equations.

 Assists badly photographed or scanned pages

The specific image OCR tool is capable of scanning distortion pictures. Its underlying technology can identify and read pages that are poorly scanned. The produced file will have text extracted with high accuracy and clarity.


To use the PrePostSEO image OCR tool you only have to follow some uncomplicated steps:-

  • Open an internet browser
  • Access Prepostseo
  • Once the page loads, you will see an option to upload an image
  • Click on ‘’Upload image’’ option displayed at the screen
  • Select the photo from your drive and upload it on the engine
  • You can also Paste Image URL
  • Click on ‘’Submit’’ to initiate the scan

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2. OCR Convert

The OCR Convert offers a very reliable tool for converting an image to text. It is a costless tool that is provided online, which allows a user to make the conversion quickly.

The OCR Convert tool is guaranteed safe, and it keeps the file confidential without saving or sharing it with anyone else. You can upload a file in the search engine in different formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, and PDF AND GIF.

It offers a user-friendly interface that is highly responsive. You can use the tool quickly, and it doesn’t involve operations or steps to be followed.

Its features include:-

Unlimited Conversions

The conversions are unlimited, and you can convert as many times as you like

Auto Adjustments

The tool auto-adjusts images to produce highly accurate and precise results.

Low-Resolution Images

The OCR tool supports low-resolution images, and it can easily extract text from such uploaded pictures that are not in the best resolution.

Downloadable File

The digital file can be easily downloaded or copied on the clipboard.


  • Open your desired browser
  • Access Ocrconvert
  • You can upload the file by clicking on ‘’choose file’’ button
  • Once the file is uploaded, click on ‘’Convert’’ to begin the search.

3. FreeOCR

Another useful tool for converting an image to text. The tool is free and is pretty simple to use.

The tool presents free and straightforward usage. Additionally, the provided services are high-quality, which can be used by anyone to convert their images into text. The uploaded content, along with the conversions, remains private and isn’t misused or given away to a third party.

Its features include:-

 Multi-Language selection

The tool gives you a choice to select a particular language and carry out research in it.

No perimeter on uploads

You can upload as many images as you like, it does not limit your ability to do so.

Several Upload Formats

You can upload the image in several formats like PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP.


The tool is also pretty stress-free to use. You can follow the subsequent steps to operate it successfully.

  • Open any web browser
  • Go to FreeOcr
  • Click on ‘’Choose File’’
  • Select the file from your drive
  • You can also post the URL
  • Click on ‘’Start’’ button to begin the search

So these were some of the online tools that extract texts from images. Let us know in the comment section which is the best according to you. 

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