TheOneSpy Monitoring App – Top Three Tool Specifically for Business

This article will explain to you “TheOneSpy Monitoring Tool – Top Three Tools Specifically for Business Managers”.

Are you an entrepreneur who is concerned about issues related to the conflict in your organization or low performance of your workers? Do you know you have to compromise your personal and property identity if you will not monitor your employees?

It is a fact that when staff members do not perform their official duties honestly, the productivity level of the company suffers a lot. Some workers intentionally waste time on the company-owned devices playing games or chatting with friends or family.

If you want to prevent misconduct, on-job injuries and accidents, and other types of loss, the solution to all your problems is the use of the TheOneSpy Android Data backup app. It is a great software that does not only helps you by creating a backup, but it also allows you to control the mic and camera of your company’s systems. You can track location, internet history, stored media, and programs, and much more with it.

TheOneSpy Monitoring App - Top Three Tools Specifically for Business

TheOneSpy Monitoring App – Top Three Tools Specifically for Business Managers

How the Monitoring Tool Is Helpful for Industries?

If you don’t want to be get deceived by your employees, it is essential to take action at the right time. If you want to catch the culprit who is betraying you by leaking private information to a third-party, the tracking tool can be of great help for you. The software permits you to watch what your workers are doing on their systems when you are not around.

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To check what they are doing; you can record their screens. When they will know you are spying them, their performance will boost dramatically. With the mic bugging feature, you can control the microphone of your targeted device to record and listen to all the surrounding voices and conversations.

Key Features of a Monitoring Tool

Data Backup

These days, most companies are equipped with digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Team members store various types of files and data on the company-owned devices and on their personal cell phones.

If your data will be lost or stolen or your systems will break down, you will have to tolerate heavy monetary damage. Therefore, it is crucial to generate a regular backup with the monitoring tool to protect your clients’ and customers’ private information.

The app enables you to export all the stored data to the online control panel. If you will lose your phone, you will be able to retrieve or remotely remove the data. It facilitates you to produce a backup of all the emails, text messages, location data, photos, videos, installed apps list, activity information, and device usage details. After creating the backup, it automatically transfers it to the dashboard, so you can access the updated information whenever you want and from wherever you want.

Surround Listening

The mic bugging feature of the tracking software permits you to secretly and remotely control the mic of the device to record and hear all the nearby sounds and conversations. With its help, you can get to know about what’s happening in the surrounding area of your workers and what they are talking about. The great thing is that it records the noises for up to 45 minutes with accuracy and efficiency.

When they are outside the premises of the company, by hearing their conversations, you can guess what they are talking about. If you think they will hand over your clients’ or customers’ sensitive information to your competitors, you can rush off to that place to prevent harm to your organization.

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Screen Recording

A little mistake by staff members can make you suffer from a heavy loss. Therefore, you should be aware of what they are doing on the company’s systems. The screen recording feature of the spy apps allows you to secretly keep an eye on every activity of your team in real-time. It captures short video clips and uploads them to the control panel.

You can record the screen of any android smartphone to track media, keystrokes, SMS, internet browsing history, and much more. You can also monitor their exchanged emails and memos, YouTube search history, and instant messengers video conversations.


If you want to monitor the activities of your employees and do not want to lose sensitive data, get the Android Data backup app as soon as possible.

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