Is Android Tracker Good or Bad for Children?

The use of android tracker is increasing very rapidly and the main reason behind it is the continuous usage of mobile phones and internet in kids. Every kid has a mobile phone nowadays, and it can be very dangerous for their physical and mental health if they use it constantly. It can also cause mobile phone or gaming addiction.

Mobile phones are extremely useful but there are also a lot of harmful and negative effects. Kids are not aware about the negative effects of mobile phones and how it can affect their mental health. Parents cannot be around kids throughout the day and because of this they do not know whether their kid is safe from the harmful effects of mobile phones and internet or not. Parents have started using android tracker app because it allows parents to remotely monitor kids’ activities on their mobile phones and internet. With android tracker, there is no need for parents to constantly worry about kids’ online safety and what they are doing on their mobile phones.

Is Android Tracker Good or Bad for Children?

Some very common threats on the internet are cyberbullying, accidental malware download, cyber predators, phishing, etc. The excess use of mobile phone can lead to sleep disorders, anger, depression, restlessness, etc. Kids are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of mobile phones and internet because they are naive, and they have no idea about it. Hence, parents should educate their kids about it. Parents can easily install mobile spy app on their kids’ mobile phone and track their activity. Android trackers help parents to monitor texts, calls, social media platforms and various other mobile functions. Parents can make sure that the kids are safe online with the help of android tracker. 

Is It Right to Spy on Kids?

Privacy is very important for everyone. As a parent it is their responsibility to keep their kids safe and protect them from any kind of dangers because kids are not mature enough to realise the dangers and they do not know how to deal with them. Parents cannot allow their kids to do whatever they want, and they should make clear to their kids that they will do anything to protect them and keep them safe.

Privacy is a privilege and parents should give privacy to their kids if they are honest and trustworthy. If kids are not being honest with the parents, then parents should start monitoring their activities. It is not spying if parents are trying to protect their kids. With the introduction of mobile phones and internet it has become very important for parents to know what their kid is continuously doing and whether they are safe or not.

How does Android Tracker Help?

The spy phone apk is used by parents to monitor every activity that kids do on their mobile phones. It comes with numerous features that helps parents in creating a safer web environment and keeping their kid safe from any kind of threats and dangers that can be harmful for kids. Some of the important features of android tracker are,

1. Manage Calls and Text Messages

It is an important feature that allows parents to know with whom their kid is constantly talking on calls and text messages. Parents can view call logs of the target device even if they were deleted from the phone. They can check the missed calls and download all call recording files and call history with time duration. You can see how long a specific call lasted and the exact time and date of each call. Similarly, parents can view all the sent and received text messages along with the date and time stamps. They can see the full content of the message and they can also know the name and number of the sender.

2. Location Monitoring and Geofence

Kids are not at home always and they spend a lot of time outside. GPS mobile tracking feature allows parents to monitor the current location of the kids and this feature also works even if regular GPS is not available. You can check all the visited places and the route history over a specific period. With geofence feature parents can mark unlimited safe and unsafe areas and they can see when and how often each area is visited. Parents will get e-mail alerts every time when kids leave those safe and unsafe areas. Hence, parents do not need to worry anymore whenever the kids are out as they can easily track their location with the help of location tracking and geofencing.

3. Monitor Social Media Platforms

We all know that social media platforms are very popular among kids. Kids spend a lot of time on various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Skype, hangout, Tinder, etc. Kids need to be very cautious because there are a lot of cyber bullies and cyber predators on these social media platforms. By using the social media monitoring feature parents can protect their kids from the cyber bullies and cyber predators. This feature allows parents to track the chats and check the name and number of the sender. Parents can view photos, audio messages, and video clips along with the time and date stamps. Hence, parents can easily know with whom their kid is talking on social media platforms. If parents find anything suspicious then they can talk to their kids and keep them safe from cyber bullies. 

4. Monitor Internet Usage

You can find almost everything on internet, and this is very advantageous, but it can be a big problem for parents because access to infinite content can be dangerous for kids. There is a lot of adult and violent content on internet in mobile/laptop/tablets and it can be inappropriate for kids. It becomes necessary for parents to monitor kids’ internet usage. With this feature parents can see all the visited websites along with their URL’s. They can view the time and date stamps of each website and see how many times a specific website is visited by the kids. If there are any inappropriate websites that kids visit, then parents can block those websites and keep their kids safe.

5. Monitor and Control Apps

This feature helps parents to monitor the mobile phone usage of kids. Parents can check all the applications that ae installed on kids’ device. If your kid is spending a lot of time on any specific application or game, then parents can block such applications. The excess use of any specific application can be harmful for kids’ mental health. There are also a lot of adult and violent applications that can affect the mindset of kids and due to this it becomes important for parents to monitor and control the applications that kids use on their mobile phones.


The use of android tracker is very beneficial for parents because it allows parents to create a safe web environment for kids. They can protect children from the harmful influence on internet with the help of android tracker. Parents can easily track android phone with spy phone apk and protect their kids from various threats of mobile phones and internet.

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