How to write business case study analysis

In this article we will study how to write business case study analysis: steps, strategies and writing tips.

The case study method has been used in education relatively recently, but it is rapidly gaining popularity and demonstrates high efficiency.

The main difference between this method and traditional teaching methods is that the case does not have an unambiguously correct solution. Each student can offer the most optimal, in his opinion, way out of the proposed situation. In the case method, the emphasis is not on the result, but on the search for solutions and their discussion.

Many students, faced with cases for the first time, do not know how to approach an assignment that is different from traditional and familiar tasks. Let’s figure out what cases are, how to solve them and arrange them. But first, a little history.

How to write business case study analysis: steps, strategies and writing tips

How to write business case study analysis: steps, strategies and writing tips

Definition and history of case study

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The case from Latin casus means a problem or situation, which requires a solution.

The solution to the case is not in the textbooks, it should be looked for only in your own head. Theory and practice, as you know, go side by side, but at the same time are found on various beaches. Even if you take all the textbooks in the world, they do not contain descriptions of situations that happen in real life.

This is what wise professors at Harvard University thought about in 1924. It was simply impossible to train an expert in modern specialties using the existing textbooks.

Then the university organized workshops where entrepreneurs and businessmen told students about the real problems faced by their companies. The students had to offer their own solution, which everyone chose individually.

This teaching method yielded results quickly. Thanks to the cases, the graduates received practical experience while still at the university and were well prepared for solving non-standard problems.

What goals does the consideration of case situations help to achieve in the framework of the educational process?

  • development of intellectual abilities;
  • the ability to reasonably defend their position;
  • resistance to stress;
  • development of communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

Cases exist in almost all areas of knowledge. After all, problematic situations arise and can be modeled in every profession: medicine, law, pedagogy, psychology, business analytics.

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Cases in business

Cases are actively used not only in training, but also in business. To attract new customers, a company can write a case study based on a specific situation.

Example: A company is in the business of demolishing buildings. The case posted on the website deals with the task of demolishing an old power plant in the N city. A potential customer, having familiarized himself with the case, immediately sees how the work is going on, what equipment is used, and how real practical problems are solved. In other words, it is a visual demonstration of the service in action.

Another popular use case is for interviews. Instead of studying a resume, applicants are offered to go through case interviews and offer solutions to several situations, after which it immediately becomes clear whether the candidate is suitable for the position.

Here is an example interview case.

Situation: a writer is out of a job. He can translate from French and German, has a musical and philological education. You are his agent. What are your actions in order to successfully help him find a job? When solving the situation, you can use data from the biography.

As you can see, such a task really does not have an unambiguous solution, but the ways of its solution will make it possible to judge such qualities as the ability to negotiate and competently argue.

How to write my case and design it

Many people ask themselves the question: how to design a case correctly? A case is a non-standard task, so you don’t have to adhere to strict rules when designing it. In other words, the design of a case is not such a serious task as the design of a term paper or a diploma.

However, you still need to follow the general recommendations. Below is a rough plan for writing a case. Let’s say right away that depending on the type of assignment, this plan can and should change.

What the case should contain:

Title. It is important that the title reflects the essence of the case and gives an idea in advance about the situation that will be considered further.

Description of the situation. It’s like the “given” section in physics problems. To make the information easier to perceive, the situation can be broken down into points.

Searching for decisions. Detailed description, analysis of ways to solve the case and the choice of the best way out of the situation. Here you need to consider all possible options with an indication of the expected consequences.

Description of the result. This clause describes the result of actions to resolve the problem. What was, what has become and why.

It is recommended that you choose a font that is comfortable and easy to read. In the design of the case, the use of illustrative materials is encouraged: graphs, diagrams, videos, tables. Cases are often presented in the form of presentations.

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