Google home mini.

Google Home is a brand of smart speaker developed by Google. He introduced now google mini which is a small pack of Google home. Google Mini work by Google Assistant which is  Google’s voice-controlled smart assistant.

Types of color

Design and build:

Google Home Mini has a more attractive design as compared to the Amazon Echo Dot — and there is no second opinion about it. The Home Mini is a small, hockey-puck-sized device that can be easily fit in the palm of the hand. Since the device is so compact, it is best suited to be kept on the bedside table or your desktop.

Available in chalk and charcoal color options, you’ will notice the fabric-covered cushion on the top and the matte plastic on the bottom half. The volume can be controlled by placing the finger. It is touch-enabled on the left and right sides of the speaker. There is a row of four LEDs on the top, and they will light up when you speak the word “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” get recognized for any action. Google had provided the touch-enabled controls on the top of the Home Mini to play/pause music and launch Google Assistant. And on the left of that port is the switch for disabling voice detection. Google Home Mini uses a micro-USB port to get power.


It is available in Three colors Orange, Black, Silver. Various forms like in-house and third-party services are integrated into Google Home, allowing users to speak voice commands to control interaction with them. Examples of supported services include Google Play Music, Spotify, and iHeartRadio for audio, Netflix, YouTube, and Google Photos for videos and photos, Google Calendar, and Google Keep for tasks. New services are integrated on an ongoing basis.

Set-up and Instructions

Set-up of Google mini is very simple.

Step 1. Plug the power cable into your Google Home device.

Step 2. Plug the power adapter into a wall outlet.

Step 3. Set up your Google Home device in the phone.

  1. Download and run the  Google Home app Google Home app on a phone or tablet
  2. Set up your device.

Step 4. Connect Wi-Fi network or mobile net on mini.

Step 5. Start talking with your Google Assistant on Google Home or Google Home Mini


Instruction or you ask from Google mini:

First, say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”.

And ask anything like

” What’s the latest news?”

” Play the Latest song”

“What is the weather today”

“Set a timer for 20 minutes”

” What the time is?”

” Call Amy”

” What’s the weather  today?”


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