Trial Web Hosting To Test The Provider

In This article we will see where we get Trial Web Hosting To Test The Provider.

There are a number of marketing strategies that online businesses utilize nowadays. Some work only for a particular niche, some are more universal and can be applicable for broader markets. One of the latter tactics is selling your product by first offering a tryout for users, in other words – offering them a free trial period.

In this article I will discuss tryouts in the form of hosting services by allowing users to try out a certain period of free trial web hosting. Below, I will discuss my reasons for why you definitely should market your hosting services this way.

Trial Web Hosting To Test The Provider

Keep on reading, as I can guarantee you will find some useful reasoning for your applying this marketing tactic for your hosting services.

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It’s pretty much an industry standard at this point

Offering something that your competition does not is always a plus, but not offering something that your competitors do is a catastrophic practice for any business, especially for those competing in an online niche. 

This applies to the hosting industry as well. Pretty much all major hosting providers are offering at least some kind of tryout for newly registered clients on their platform. 

Companies usually offer 90, 30 or just a 14-day trial periods, so the tryout time range itself differentiates. Some don’t even ask for a credit card when signing up, in order to make it even more appealing and simple for potential customers and allow them to use the services from the get go.

Of course, we have to consider the fact that not all companies have the resources to give out such a privilege for nothing. Smaller businesses, as far as I can tell from experience, rely on a similar marketing tactic, just not a literal free trial. Instead, they offer a money-back guarantee for their services, be it for 30, 60 or 90 days. 

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While being less appealing to the eyes at first glance, it still offers purchase security for a person that bought the hosting service and in a way, acts in the same manner as a trial period. If a customer is not happy, with what they bought – they can get a full refund during that time.

My main point in this section is that some sort of compensation is necessary in the niche of hosting, otherwise, it might just be impossible to compete with other businesses, especially if you are a small and new company in the industry.

Customers can see the full spectrum of what you can offer

A free trial not only offers a free tryout, it allows customers to test out the best of what they can get from you as a provider. Most companies, from what I’ve seen, offer complete freedom to their clients for the trial period, and allow them to try out the full-package.

Some customers may only know and want the basics from a hosting provider – decent speed, enough storage page, basic security for their website. 

However, if you allow them to try out additional tools, those which you usually offer for more expensive plans, you might interest them by separating yourself from your competition. Not only that, but if clients indeed find your tools unique and useful, you just might make their final decision much easier. 

What if you make your site really easy to operate? Even a simple alteration of your site’s structure could make a huge difference.

People will get accustomed to what you offer, and eventually grow fond of using your website and the tools you offer. If you offer a quality product, there’s a higher chance that people will convert afterwards.

The point is, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile with your offers and privileges, all of course, within reasonable boundaries, and you’ll have a higher chance of experiencing success.

You will see exactly what points to focus on

On a similar note to the previous section, you can consider your trial period as your time to shine as a company. You should value the people who even apply for a free trial for your company, as they not only provide you with valuable leads, but can help you improve your business strategy for the future.

You may want to launch a simultaneous campaign of emails, after people apply, to help them navigate through your management system and find what they need. Tactics like surveys may help as well. 

A few questions about the quality of your services, things like navigation, support response times will not only show that you care what people think, but may help improve your services even more. 

Not only does this show your clientele that you care about your services and want to improve, it may help you collect some useful feedback as well. Include questions about your helpdesk, site structure and your toolkit.

Perhaps people really like your support team? Your platform design? Small things like these can help you set out a more concrete niche for your company. This is especially crucial for new businesses that are trying to pave their way into the industry.

Let’s face it – you’ll rarely find a provider that’s a “jack-off-all trades” – and can be competent in all aspects of hosting, especially a provider that just begun in the industry.

Since hosting is such a competitive market, it’s important to know which aspects of hosting you should focus on the most, as soon as possible. After you gain experience, you’ll eventually grow to a better provider overall.

In conclusion

Offering a free trial for potential clients is certainly an advantageous marketing tactic, that can lead to many business benefits.

Not only does it give people the opportunity to tryout your services full scale, it can also benefit your business by allowing you to identify areas of improvement, which is key, especially for those businesses just starting up. 

As a result, free trial web hosting has pretty much become standard practice in the hosting industry where many providers compete for public interest.

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