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Hi, we are from technotaught and in this blog, we are going to show you guys how you can speed up windows computer performance. To do that we are not going to use any external software. So after installing the windows on your computer and using it for some time you may notice that your computer is getting slower. And there are some techniques which you can apply to your computer and make computer run faster.

How to optimize windows performance​?

1- Power option

Just go to start menu and search power option. Now you will see the power option in the result just click on it. Then you will get to this control panel power option window. Here you see my default power plan is set as balanced. Change it to high performance. Now close the power option.

2 – Defragment and Optimize Drive

To do that, go to start menu and search Defragment and click on Defragment and optimize drivers, now you will see this window from here you  are going to select your system drive, usually it is the c drive so let’s select ”c” and click on Optimize. Now you can see your system drive is optimized. Once it’s finished you can close this window.

3 – Delete unnecessary temporary files
  • For that head over to the start menu and right click on windows icon, Then choose run from here. Now type %temp% and click on ok, now you will see this folder. Select everything in it and delete.

       Windows button + R  -> to appear run box

  • Again Goto run box by clicking on the windows icon and choose run. Now type temp and click on ok, now again a folder will appear, and here you will see a dialogue box just like above and click on continue. Then select all files in it, right click and delete.
  • Now again go to run and this time lets type prefetch. Now click on OK. And select everything and delete, after that you can close the folder.
4 – Clean up memory

Go to file explorer, right click on your system drive on the c drive or more specifically saying, where your windows is installed. And choose properties form here you will see the disk cleanup option, just click on it! And allow it to scan the files. Now your scanning is finished and you are going to click on the cleanup system files and it will scan again, after the scan finished, you will see this window. Now click on OK and it will ask you “are you sure you want to permanently delete this file, click on OK (delete file). Don’t worry, it will only delete the unnecessary file. Now the cleaning process has been done.

5 – Reduce run time service

For that first we want to open the run box by right clicking on the windows icon and choose run and you want to type in msconfig, then click on OK and you will see this, and from here go to   service. Now you are going to want to check in this box, hide all Microsoft services. That’s really important, I don’t want to you to delete any important things accidently. So make sure you tick this option, now click on ok.

6 – Visual effects

In these steps we are going to show how to disable your, windows interface graphical performance, to boost your system performance, and please note, it won’t affect your gaming graphic or your program graphics, it will only reduce the graphics performance, for example, after you do this you you may feel loose in visual effect on your windows, but it will improve your system performance.

Go to start menu and search system, click on it and system windows is open, click on advanced system setting on the left side, then you  get to this small window, and here you will find this setting button under Performance, click on the settings button and you will get to the performance option window, this setting is basically, everything that makes your windows look beautiful, as well as these are the main things that uses your computer resource, like your ram, processing power, and graphics as well, I only recommend this ,if you want extreme performance that possible with your machine .so lets do it click on Adjust for best performance option and you can see, it  will automatically uncheck all these settings. If you want, you can select some of the options, that you can’t live without, That’s it when you have done, editing, just click on apply and ok.

Now lets take a proper system restart.

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