Content Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to be a successful content marketer, you must know the basic steps regarding content marketing. In this article guide, we will tell you about the most important steps and tips and tools that would make content marketing simple for you. Content marketing isn’t as easy as it looks like.

You have to focus on every step, starting from the development to the execution of the plan. Once you learn content marketing, you can easily earn a lot of money and simultaneously save a lot of your time!

Step By Step Guide for simple content marketing!

content marketing guide

Here are the step-by-step guide that you have to follow for simply content marketing:

1. Set your mission and goals

Any marketing strategy set or planned without a goal is bound to fail, and you shall have no doubts about it. The first step and the best starting point in content marketing are to set a proper mission statement. This mission statement or setting of goal using OKR Software will help you focus on what points are important and necessary for your success. Common content marketing mission statements would outline your target audience, the type of content that would help you reach them, and the benefits that both parties would get!

Typical goals in content marketing would include:

  • Improving revenue
  • Making more leads and sales
  • Getting more traffic
  • Gaining influence and authority
  • SEO success
  • Reduced Marketing costs
  • Social media engagements

2. Establish your KPIs

The best method to achieve your goals or check your progress is by making the goals measurable and pretty specific. KPIs, which are better known as key performance indicators, would help you know how you can achieve your goals. If you establish realistic KPIs, then you can easily find out whether you have:

  • Hit a certain revenue target
  • Get more signups
  • Any increase in site traffic
  • Improvement in search rankings

3. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is very important for content marketing. One should know that if you want your content marketing plan/strategy to be successful, you need to clear out who your audience is. You cannot target an old man with the content you have written for a teenager. Knowing your audience is the best way to reach them with the right content. To know your audience, you have to focus on three key actions: collecting demographic data, getting customer feedback, and creating buyer personas.

4. Always focus on relevancy

One of the common errors made by marketers is that they don’t focus on the relevancy factor. One should know that content should always be created concerning the intent and interest of the reader. Suppose you are working on a niche relevant to cooking and are adding content related to automobiles. In that case, you are simply going to lose the interest and trust of the audience. To keep your audience intact and engaged, you have to ensure that you always publish relevant content.

5. Always Check plagiarism in your content

Content marketing is solely based on the publishing of content for targeting and cashing out audiences. One should know checking plagiarism is religiously important in content marketing, and this is because you would not want to get accused of stealing someone’s work. If you are accused of plagiarism, it would surely affect the website’s credibility and ruin the trust factor. The use of an online duplication checker like the one by SmallSeoTools’s plagiarism checker would help you to check plagiarism and identify duplicate content in your content. The more unique your content would be, the better it would be for your website.

6. Keep updating your content regularly

You must indeed create evergreen content for your website or brand, but at the same time, you should know that to engage customers or readers, you have to make sure that you publish content regularly. You have to spend a decent amount of time on ideation to collect new and relevant details regarding your niche. You can use online tools like Google trends to find out the trendy and interesting topics and gossips in which users are interested!

7. Use proper keywords in your content

Keywords and content marketing go hand in hand. One should know that you cannot simply target your audience without stuffing relevant and high authority keywords. The keywords are the only thing that can direct potential traffic towards your content. There are many online keywords suggested and finder tools on the internet. So you can easily get the words/phrases that would target your audience and increase the seo score of your website.

If you follow these steps and tips related to content marketing, you can easily help yourself make your campaign successful. For more details and tips related to content writing or creation, we would suggest you stay tuned with us!


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