Business Success Online – The Importance of Good Web Design

If we were to imagine the World Wide Web as a tangible, three-dimensional world with shape and form, it would be an extremely chaotic and noisy place. Instead, we would find ourselves immersed in a virtual labyrinth of color and information – sound, data, and text.

To help us find what we are looking for, we call on the friendly search engine. Within seconds, the search engine hands us a list of literally thousands of places we can go to find what we’re looking for. Overwhelmed by the choice, we pick the top five places off the list and wander off to view what they have to offer.

Like a noisy, open-air bazaar, sellers and site owners yell at us to follow them and view their wares.

Let’s consider the scene from the business owner’s perspective – how will we stand out from the crowd, and then capture the visitor’s attention and hold it?

The Importance of Good Web Design

importance of web design

Standing out from the crowd

It is sobering to consider the fact that currently, over 500 new websites are being set up every minute of the day. In addition, there are presently almost 8 billion devices now connected to the internet worldwide.

One of the greatest investments that can be made to commission a new online business and make it stand out from the competition is to engage with a reputable site developer like Zen Den, who can deal with all of your site design for you.

A good developer will design and commission a professional-looking site and ensure that the site can be found and listed by search engines as effectively as possible.

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Getting the attention of the crowd – Website SEO

We know that the primary way of acquiring information on the internet is via a search engine. And by extension, the optimal positioning of the business is a listing on the first page of search engine results.

The importance of web design factor in achieving this is SEO, or ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Put simply, SEO is a set of website practices that assist a search engine to crawl over, index, and assess the website content.

It is best to think of the business website as existing first and foremost for the customer’s benefit. Once format and site content are established, an SEO expert can perform the ‘fine tuning’ of page format and the embedded use of keywords to optimize the site for search engine discovery and subsequent listing.

Holding a visitor on your site – Content is key

Remember that the online world moves rapidly – by design, potential customers can move quickly between websites to view, compare and select goods and services. Therefore, firstly capturing interest and then holding a visitor on-site is a key fundamental to overall success.

Having developed a professional-looking site and assisted a prospective customer in finding the website via SEO, quality content is one of the key factors to holding a visitor on-site. Think of it this way – the best-looking shop, with external visual appeal, is virtually worthless if a customer then enters the shop only to discover bland displays and poor information.

Content should be of high quality and be kept interesting. Furthermore, website content should be continually updated and added to for the site to retain freshness.

Consider things like news sections, blogs, and good graphic content – photos and videos.

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The difference between mediocrity and success lies in some strong fundamental planning. Carefully consider the design and execution of the business website to stand out from the competition.

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