10 Major sign You Need Dedicated Server Hosting

The public shared network servers are now outdated servers to rely upon. For providing consistent services online as by hosting online websites and eCommerce, one should need a server with 100% reliability that can be fully customizable by the user itself. 

The public shared networks are like to hire a taxi for a drive while in contrast, the dedicated servers are like to buy a car rather than just picking a taxi that offers less and limited features. 

In the same way as a taxi, the public shared networks offer limited features like, limited bandwidth that affects the speed, less security, slow website access due to heavy network traffics, restrictions to install various software, etc. 

The features of the public shared networks can be tolerated by the small vendors online due to limited coverage and less network traffic on their websites, but the eCommerce giants cannot tolerate this. The big business firms require to maintain the consistency of the online services to keep customers updated. 

The big firms also require very efficient security and massive data storage facilities and hence it is mandatory for such large business firms and eCommerce giants to adopt dedicated servers. 

The dedicated servers are fully dedicated to your purpose with complete administrative control in your hands. You can customize the specification whenever you require to adjust the services. The huge advantage of adopting it is that of security and top-line speed that you get by dedicated servers. 

Dedicated servers also provide a huge storage facility as the backup servers and can be used to provide the facility of hosting a customer’s website too. This article will explain what are the distinctive features of dedicated servers and why you have to consider it over the traditional public network servers. 

Choose the dedicated server in Bangkok to enjoy the great business opportunities in the world’s most favorite holiday destination of Bangkok. Bangkok Thailand’s capital is known for having the largest tourist industry. It offers a great opportunity to adopt web hosting services to make huge profits out of there. 

10 Sign you Need a Dedicated Server Hosting

10 Major sign You Need Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are an urgent need in today’s world to sustain online platforms with much consistency in your services. Now the users do not rely on the public shared networks for web hosting services. 

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However in the case of small firms, to handle less data and light network traffics on websites, dedicated server Bangkok are not suitable options, since they are much expensive and difficult to maintain such complex systems. Hence they can favor VPS or cloud hosting for their services.

Hence the user must know when to switch over the dedicated server Bangkok from shared hosting servers, to make an efficient deal.

The continuous depreciation on the website that you cannot handle.

This is the huge disadvantage of shared hosting server plans. Affects your online services as well. It is not possible to make a significant amount of money with a down website. 

In the case of shared hosting, the network server is shared to handle thousands of websites simultaneously. Hence even if one gets the traffic spike or any technical error, it might affect all of the shared websites on that network. 

In the case of the best dedicated server Bangkok that is unshared web hosting servers, the service is completely dedicated to your website. Hence it is no possibility to get such a spike to your website.

Restrictions on the installation of the software.    

With the shared public servers, you are restricted from installing much software and additional features of security that are necessary for the online websites to host. It is in the server provider’s control for allowing them to install specific software by the user on their network servers. 

With the adoption of the dedicated server in Bangkok, it is now possible to get the complete authority of the server in your hand. You can install any feature or software to enjoy its benefits. 

Frequent Traffic Spikes on websites

Networking Traffic spikes are one of the main reasons to down your websites. Traffic spikes are the sudden and frequent technical glitches that need to be handled carefully. Network Traffic spikes arise due to many reasons, but the most common reason to arise, in the case of content, goes viral.  

This will make your website down in a very short time. It will overload the entire server and affects all the websites working on the same server.

The dedicated servers play a significant role to reduce these traffic spikes efficiently. It normally has more capacity to handle massive networking traffics and multiple websites without affecting others in case of a traffic spike. 

Massive Increment of website data size

It is very obvious that the website cannot be of the same size even after many years. The website as you work increases its data size with time. The website data size during the initial period of setup begins to expand as working continuously. 

The public shared servers may ask for the additional cost due to increment in site data to handle it. Hence it is not worthy to work on such networks that offer an expensive deal. 

The dedicated server Bangkok, in that case, will prove a worthy deal to handle such expansion in the data size of the website you host with the same efficiency as that in the beginning. 

To host multiple services online like e-mail or database hosting, other than Web Hosting. 

The unshared dedicated servers are not only for hosting websites only. You are offered multiple different interesting features and services to host with the same consistency as that of hosting a website. 

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A dedicated server Bangkok offers ;

  • To run your intranet
  • To host your own e-mail services and freedom from third party services like outlook or Zoho.
  • Any desired software that public shared servers restrict. 
  • An extraordinary security feature that prevents cyberattacks and viruses.
  • A class of perfect gaming experience.
  • Huge data backup facility, etc.

Enhancement in security feature

Dedicated servers offer more advanced and greater security assurance than any other server hosting may. With the complete sovereignty of the unshared server in your hands, the server is more secure as it is customizable by you. 

You enjoy the administrative authority of the server and can restrict any suspicious user account that may risk your server. 

In the case of eCommerce and for business purposes it is not recommended to rely upon the public shared servers, since it has more sensitive data, regarding the transaction and banking details. 

Owning the personal IP address that you control

Your IP address remains shared while working with shared network servers. Owning the IP address implies your complete control over it. No longer risk exits than that of interference of anyone with this IP address. 

With the dedicated server Bangkok, you are offered to enjoy the complete sovereignty of the control over the IP address you use for web hosting and email services. With this permanent IP address of yours, the DNS records are maintained with consistency. 

Enhancing the speed of the website for accessing

Another important factor to be considered is that of website access speeds. Usually, network servers have much more capacity than normal website requirements. It benefits the websites working even with massive data resources with quick responses. 

With Bangkok dedicated server, the websites enhance their accessing speeds at higher levels, even with the massive data resources to handle. It is a necessary feature for those who indulge in the eCommerce business, where quick access means to facilitate the customer to more ease. 

To have multiple host domains than the host allows. 

The public servers often restrict you from hosting multiple domains and the websites that need to be the host. They may charge the additional price for hosting multiple websites that are expensive and not worthy to use. 

The dedicated server Bangkok facilitates to host a number of websites and domains as per your choice with no expensive hosting plans. You need to pay a fixed cost to a dedicated server provider like Serverwala and then enjoy to host multiple domains as you want. 

To enjoy overall control

It is recommended to all of the big business people who want to cover large customer statistics, setting up the dedicated server will be a very worthy deal. 

With a dedicated server, you are having control over the bandwidth range that you can customize to get top-line speed for maintaining the consistency and reliability of the online services. 

You are able to customize your server according to your priorities. By offering web hosting services and other facilities to customers, you are now ready to explore much more than you could imagine. 

Serverwala- Best dedicated server company in Bangkok

For selecting the best dedicated servers for your business purposes, it is not easy and trusts any brand. Because a dedicated server is a complicated system setup to handle. One must trust the most reliable tech brands like Serverwala to enjoy the benefits of dedicated servers uninterruptedly.

Serverwala is world’s top-most tech brand to offer the cheap dedicated server Bangkok facility at reasonable prices. The serverwala offers the world-class and best facility with its expert technical team, ready to cooperate with you at every moment you face problems. 

Trusted by more than thousands of customers at multiple locations in the world, it offers its services over different locations in the world like Bangkok, which can offer the best online business opportunities. Serverwala is known for its extraordinary services that the people admire. 

The serverwala is responsible for all the technical issues regarding the Bangkok dedicated server, from the initial setup to the final configuration. You just need to focus on the business strategies to attract more customers and keep the technical load to serverwala. 

Serverwala has the best technical equipment that will assure you to maintain consistency in your services. 

Serverwala heaving head offices in the pink city of Jaipur is proved as the best substitute for the brands like Microsoft that offer the same quality of the services at much higher rates. 

Hence go along with serverwala to adopt the dedicated server that is an essential requirement in today’s online competitive business world. 


In today’s fast-growing online world, it is better to rely on dedicated servers rather than the shared public network servers. The Bangkok dedicated server is designed to benefit you with the most consistent and reliable services that are must consider while online business marketing and other services like web hosting, etc with enhanced security features where shared server often lacks. 

Get in touch with world’s top tech brand of Serverwala that offers the best and cheap dedicated server in Bangkok than any other brand. You will provide the best technical support and multiple additional facilities to enjoy complete benefits.  


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