Basic command of Gnome Editor (gedit)

Gnome Editor (gedit):

Text Editor (gedit) is the default GUI text editor in the Ubuntu operating system. It is UTF-8 compatible and supports most standard text editor features as well as many advanced features. These include multilanguage spell checking, extensive support of syntax highlighting, and a large number of official and third-party plugins.
gedit is a full-featured text editor for the GNOME desktop environment. You can use it to prepare simple notes and documents, or you can use some of its advanced features, making it your own software development environment.

1. Create a file without a name.

$ gedit

2. Create a file.

Creating a file by name, or you can also open files with this command.

$ gedit file-name

3. To save a file

   You can save the file by clicking a save icon.

4. You can also use save as option to save a file in any directory

Save as option is in the menu button which is left of the save icon button.

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