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How to unlock the bootloader of Moto G5s plus(Sanders)

In this article, we see how to unlock the bootloader of Moto G5s plus(Sanders)

Why we should unlock Bootloader?

Every Android phone has a bootloader that instructs the operating system kernel to boot normally. But you need to understand one thing here that as Android OS is an open-source OS and is available in a variety of different hardware. So let us know how to unlock the bootloader of Moto G5s plus (Sanders)

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How to unlock the bootloader of Moto G5s plus


1. Works on all model of Moto G5s plus.

2. Charge your phone at least 60%.

3. Go to Motorola website and Sign In/ Sign UP (If you have already username and password you can log in directly)

4. If you unlock the bootloader you will void the warranty of your devices.

5. Unlock Bootloader will wipe all your data, so make sure to back up your devices.

6. Make sure your computer has the latest Motorola USB Drivers.

7. Make sure you have read all the steps and follow them. DON’T SKIP
We are not responsible for any damage that you make to your phone.

Download this software on your PC- Minimal ADB tools- Download


1. First of all unable Developer Option, to unable developer option, go to your Setting > System > About phone > Now click 5-6 times on Build number until you see You are a developer.

2. Now go to developer option and turn it on. On the Developer Options turn on Oem Unlocking and USB debugging.

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3. Download and install Minimal Adb tools on your PC.

4. Now connect your device to PC using the USB cable.

5. When you connect your device to PC wait until the drivers get installed on your PC.

6. In your Minimal ADB fastboot folder, open a command prompt window by pressing Shift Key + Right Mouse Click

7. Write the command in command windows

ADB devices

8. If you see a pop up of to allow USB debugging, click on ok.

9. Now type the command below to restart the device into bootloader.

adb restart bootloader

10. Once your devices boot into bootloader, type the command below to make sure that fastboot drivers installed properly.

fastboot devices

This command will show connected devices in PC

11. If the device is not shown by this command, then the fastboot drivers are not installed properly.

12. If the device is shown by this command, then type the command below. Remember that this command will erase all data on your device.

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

13. Paste together the 5 lines of output into one continuous string without (bootloader) or ‘INFO’ or white spaces. Your string needs to look like this:

0A40040192024205#4C4D355631323030373731363031303332323239 #BD008A672BA4746C2CE02328A2AC0C39F951A3E5 #1F532800020000000000000000000000

14. To get the bootloader key of Moto G5s plus open the Motorola unlock website by Sign in/ Sign up by google account.

Check if your device can be unlocked by pasting the string in the field below, and clicking “Can my device be unlocked?”

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15. Once you click “CAN MY DEVICE BE UNLOCKED?” You will receive a mail with unlocking key.

16. Now copy the unlock key and type the below command

fastboot oem unlock UNLOCK_KEY

UNLOCK_KEY is the place where you want to paste unlock key.

17. By clicking enter, your device will be unlocked.

If you have any problem be free to comment on us.

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