How to download video from facebook on PC, Android, Mac

How to download video from facebook on PC, Android, Mac

Facebook has become a part of our everyday life. Like YouTube, Facebook also starts giving service to watch any video. But sometimes the video so interested that we have to download the video, share it with different social apps. So read till the end to learn how to download video from Facebook on PC, Android. There are multiple websites available out there.

How to download video from facebook on PC, Android, Mac

1-Open Facebook

Goto :– This will open a new feed-in Facebook if you are logged in.

2-Go to the video you want to download it.

Suppose I choose this video to download. Make sure you only download public video not private.

3-Right-click on video

Right-click on the video you want to download. When you click you can see 2-option.

You can use both the options to copy a link. I use 1 because I have to show you. Copy the link.

4-Goto to the site

There is more site which provides download video from Facebook like fbdown, getfvid, saveas, etc.

But we use FBdown. This site looks like this.

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5-Download video from facebook

Copy the link in the textbox and click on the download button.

After clicking on the Download, this above page is open in that there are 2 options.

Whatever you need, you can go for. Click on any option

After clicking on these 2 option, this above page is open. Click on the setting option and select Download.

6- Download

When you click on download, the video is ready to download or save the video.

7-Picture in Picture

When you click on Picture, the video is floating on the Screen.


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